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RCRA & DOT HAZMAT Employee Training

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TEC can make sure that all of your employees, who come in contact with hazardous materials and waste, are trained in the rules they need to know to do their job. TEC provides cost-effective expert training to both small quantity generators and full-regulated generators. By regulation, hazmat employees are required to receive awareness training within 90 days of hire or 90 days after the hazmat employee's duties change, with updated training every 3 years. TEC offers post-training testing and certification of employees to ensure compliance.


  • regulatory review
  • shipping hazardous materials
  • hazardous material classes
  • hazardous materials table
  • labeling and marking
  • placarding
  • selection of packaging
  • hazard communication
  • emergency response
  • security


  • What is a solid waste?
  • What is a hazardous waste
  • Know your chemicals
  • Waste characterization & identification
  • Generator responsibilities
  • Waste minimization
  • Emergency prepardness
  • Transporter requiements
  • Manifest preparation & distribution
  • Preparing containers for shipment
  • Standards applicable to TSDF's
  • Testing your knowledge

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