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TEC offers universal waste and e-waste recycling, waste copper etch re-use or reformulation, and scrap and precious metal recycling to name a few.  We continue to offer many “waste to energy” options including our non-hazardous containerized waste program, where the BTU value is recovered and used to produce energy, and our scrap wood program where scrap wood is used as a substitute fuel to produce steam. We also provide secure incineration for non-hazardous consumer goods on pallets or containerized in their original packaging.

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Electronic Waste

TEC is your source for recycling e-waste. Electronic waste includes computers, entertainment electronics, mobile phones and other similar items that have been discarded. In their current form, e-waste has inherently hazardous qualities. However, disposed electronics can be recycled for its constituent raw materials. TEC can be your source for recycling and disposal of your electronic waste. Call TEC to learn about your options. 

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Waste to Energy Solutions

TEC is the expert in turning waste into energy and TEC makes these options know to customers, whenever the characterization of the waste streams is ideal for conversion. TEC has ties to a number of waste-to-energy facilities that accept a variety of wastes, which can be burned in high-temperature incinerators to produce electricity. Please contact TEC if you are interested in learning about your waste-to-energy options.


Fuel Blending

Certain hazardous wastes can be recycled by blending them into fuel. Done correctly, this creates a product that meets environmental regulations and ultimately reduces fossil-fuel consumption. TEC has the technical expertise and resources to help you make a positive impact on the environment. Call TEC to learn how your needs can be met.

We will rise to your challenge. Please contact Joe Ferguson (email ) or Barbara Rice (email ) at 716-873-9703 today to discuss your unique or problem material, so we can determine the best management for your waste.

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