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Disposal Services

Bulk Waste Management
TEC staff can be quite innovative in finding affordable means to dispose of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste...or turn it into renewable energy. The greater the quantity or volume, the more options you have! Let TEC quote your bulk waste management needs.
Chemical Oxidation
Chemical oxidation technologies destroy contaminants through powerful, controlled chemical reactions rather than by biological means. TEC has worked with many customers to use chemical oxidation as a means to treat hazardous waste streams. Ask TEC if chemical oxidation is best for you.
Compressed Gas Cylinder Removal and Disposal
TEC's experienced and professional team can manage the removal and disposal of compressed gas cylinders from your facilities. Also, TEC can identify, handle and properly dispose of unknown gas cylinders that other companies may not be able to accept. TEC's cylinder management program includes inspection, identification, sampling, recycling/disposal, and all appropriate documentation.
Explosive and Reactive Waste Management
TEC staff is adept at managing waste that is explosive or waste that can violently reactive with other substances. Whether your waste is in solid, sludge or liquid form, TEC has the expertise to handle your materials, obtaining timely processing of thermal treatment approvals, quotes, and transportation schedules.
Hazardous Landfill
Hazardous waste landfills are constructed to be secure repositories for materials, which present a serious hazard to human and environmental health. Each landfill is restricted by permit or law, as to the types of waste that they may handle. TEC has strong, ongoing relationships with a multitude of hazardous landfills across the U.S. Once your waste is profiled, TEC staff is quick to gain approvals from landfills for disposing of your wastes, along with handling all regulatory paperwork and transportation from your site to the landfill.
Incineration (Thermal Destruction)
Thermal technologies such as incineration and combustion can be an effective means of destroying hazardous wastes. TEC evaluates your waste streams to provide you with the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective options for handling this waste. TEC provides turnkey service, including waste analysis, regulatory paperwork, and transportation to an incineration facility.
PCB Management
TEC provides you with disposal services for all types of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) related wastes including transformers, capacitors, ballasts and assorted liquids and solids. Depending on regulations and your preferences, PCB materials can be recycled, incinerated, treated or sent to landfill. TEC also provides field services to remove and transport your wastes. Call TEC for a quote and experience the TEC advantage firsthand.
Pharmaceutical Waste
TEC specializes in processing hospital's RCRA hazardous chemical waste; not your "red-bag" waste. Common pharmaceuticals such as epinephrine (adrenaline), nicotine, warfarin (Coumadin), and a number of chemotherapeutic agents are federally regulated as hazardous waste and must be managed differently than other solid waste. Let TEC's experts be of service and keep you in compliance with the EPA.
Radioactive Waste (Low-level)
Low-level radioactive waste often consists of used protective clothing; which is only slightly contaminated but still dangerous in case of radioactive contamination of a human body through ingestion, inhalation, absorption, or injection. TEC can properly handle such waste.
Secure (Sanitary) Landfills
Today's modern, secure landfills have physical barriers such as liners, leachiate collection systems, and procedures to protect the public from exposure to disposed wastes. The nature of your waste determines if it can be accepted by secure landfills, which are less expensive than hazardous landfills. This is where TEC can be of service. By characterizing your waste streams and by providing treatment, recycling, disposal and transportation options, TEC staff can most likely save you money over your current program.
Stabilization refers to those techniques that reduce the hazard potential of a waste by converting the contaminants into their least soluble, mobile, or toxic form. When stabilization is employed, the disposal and handling costs or your waste can be significantly reduced. TEC is an expert in stabilization and would like the opportunity to help you save money.
Universal Wastes
Universal wastes, such as batteries, fluorescent tubes, and some electronic devices, are classified as hazardous wastes because they contain mercury, lead, cadmium, copper and other substances hazardous to human and environmental health. IN most cases these wastes cannot be discarded in solid waste landfills. This is where TEC can step in and identify your recycling and disposal options. TEC has long-term working relationships with facilities that these unique wastes are either recycled or legally and properly disposed. Think of TEC as your universal waste experts.
Waste Water Treatment
The objective is to remove harmful pollutants from industrial liquid waste so that it safely returns to the environment. TEC maintains strong, working relationships with many wastewater treatment plants so that your objective can be accomplished as cost-effectively as possible. TEC has its own trucks and tank trailers ready and available to handle your wastes without delay. Let TEC craft a smart solution for you.
waste to energy

Waste to Energy Solutions

TEC is the expert in turning waste into energy and TEC makes these options know to customers, whenever the characterization of the waste streams is ideal for conversion. TEC has ties to a number of waste-to-energy facilities that accept a variety of wastes, which can be burned in high-temperature incinerators to produce electricity. Please contact TEC if you are interested in learning about your waste-to-energy options.


Fuel Blending

Certain hazardous wastes can be recycled by blending them into fuel. Done correctly, this creates a product that meets environmental regulations and ultimately reduces fossil-fuel consumption. TEC has the technical expertise and resources to help you make a positive impact on the environment. Call TEC to learn how your needs can be met.

less than truckload service

LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Contact Mark Russo at (716) 873-9703 or

LTL service typically means shipments of 50 drums or less and also usually involves deliveries to multiple TSDF locations. Our LTL program provides our customers, both large and small, with a convenient pick-up option for their various containerized wastes.

  • 1 or 2 drums per quarter
  • someone who generates a wide variety of wastes that deliver to several TSDF’s
  • large quantity generator that has limited storage for their waste and needs to ship weekly or monthly, annually
  • a customer that just doesn’t want to have hazardous waste sitting around
lab packs

Lab Packs

Contact Mark Hageman CHMM at (716) 873-9703 or

- - > Lab Pack Inventory Form (pdf file) < - -

lab packs

Tonawanda Tank offers economical and environmentally sound disposal for laboratory and miscellaneous small package chemical waste. Our experienced staff will identify, segregate, and catalog your unwanted chemicals to design a disposal program. Upon completion of the design, we will collect, package, and label your materials to comply with all state and federal regulations. Our specifically trained professionals will complete all shipping manifests and land disposal restriction forms. Tonawanda Tank Transport Service Inc. handles the entire disposal process including transportation allowing your company or laboratory to continue operations without interruption. Safety and security is our concern. Your wastes are incinerated or treated; none are directly land-filled.

Does your Lab Pack Service send an expert to your site?

TEC sends an expert...a CHEMIST...to process each and every lab pack, because there are usually unexpected wastes to profile. TEC can efficiently inventory, collect, identify, segregate, consolidate, catalog, package, label, transport and dispose of all your miscellaneous chemical wastes. TEC will handle your small containers of hazardous wastes -- such as jars, bottles and jugs up to 5 gallons in size -- and pack them in 55 gallon drums for storage, transportation and disposal. This service can be provided as a one-time cleanout, on an "as needed" basis, or on a set schedule during the year.

mystery waste

A lab pack is a collection of similar and compatible types of waste chemicals (in small volume containers, less than 5 gallon in size) that are placed in one larger container (55 gallon or less) for storage, transportation and disposal. Such activity is considered a lab pack.


Yes, If you combine your waste in containers, you must comply with the applicable requirements for waste consolidation. Lab packs have special requirements with regard to packaging prior to transportation and disposal. For packaging prior to disposal, you must use DOT approved non-leaking "inside containers" that are compatible with the waste being packaged. These inside containers must be over-packed ie lab packed in compatible "outer-containers" that is also compatible. The inside containers must be surrounded by enough compatible sorbent material to safely absorb all the contents in the container should a container rupture. A drum is considered lab-packed or full when it is packed with inside containers and sufficient sorbent material, sealed and completely categorized by an accurate inventory of the containers contents. In addition, incompatible hazardous waste can not be placed in the same outside container. As an example: reactive hazardous waste, such as cyanide or sulfide-bearing wastes, must not be packaged with acidic wastes.

Turn key lab pack service

Tonawanda Tank Transport Service, Inc. provides "turnkey" lab packing services (one call does it all). As a specialized division of our field services, Tonawanda Tank Transport Service, Inc's Lab Pack team has over 20 years of experience in handling exotic waste types (explosives, peroxides, cylinders, low level radioactive) to the rather benign (janatorial supplies, paints, lubricants).

remediation projects

Remediation Projects

Contact Mark Hageman, CHMM (716) 873-9703 or

Environmental engineering, analytics, safety, compliance, transportation & disposal...

An otherwise unknown underground tank, began to leak for one of our clients. The greatest potential hazard from a LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank) is that the hazardous substance can seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater. Being familiar with the Tonawanda Tank remediation team of experts - they called us immediately! After contacting the DEC on their behalf, we inspected the site and began remediation within hours. A few days later, the entire project, including; tank removal, soil removal and DEC site closure, was complete!!

Our expert team’s experience in environmental engineering, analytics, safety, regulatory compliance, transportation and disposal allowed us to accommplish this remediataion project efficiently, timely, within budget and in compliance.

If you have any questions regarding some of our services, please don’t hesitate to call our field services department for a complimentary consultation.

Contact Mark Hageman, CHMM (716) 873-9703

Each remediation project is individually planned and priced to meet your deadline and budget in a way that is in full compliance with all OSHA guidelines, Federal and State regulations, and your internal safety protocols.


Tonawanda Tank's Remediation Group Routinely Undertakes Projects Including:
  • Underground Storage Tank Remediation
  • Contaminated Soil Excavation and Disposal
  • Abandoned Waste Sites
  • PCB Contaminated Facilities
  • Container Management and Consolidation
  • Tank Decontamination and Decommissioning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Plant Closures
Field Services Projects Include:
  • Environmental engineering and lab analysis.
  • Project evaluation, planning and management.
  • Storage tank cleaning and/or removal.
  • Soil excavation and disposal.
  • Soil bioremediation, vaporization,and thermal desorption.
  • Groundwater remediation.
  • Cleanup of spills and leaks.
  • Remediation of abandoned waste sites.
  • Waste characterization and consolidation.
  • In-plant services.
  • Pit cleanouts.
  • Equipment cleaning and decommissioning.
  • Confined space entry work.
  • Sampling and laboratory analysis.
  • Transportation and dispoal.

We combine environmental engineering, analytical service, safety, regulatory compliance, transportation, disposal, and experience to accomplish remedial projects on time, within budget, and in compliance.


  • Preparedness, training, and attitude are the keys to safety.
  • Management support and emphasis on safety is as stringent as in any Fortune 500 company.
  • Employees are taught that safety is PRIORITY ONE in any project we do.
  • Specific health and safety plan for each project, developed in coordination with your plant's safety plan; covers expected hazards, practical emergency contingency plans, closest health care facilities, lockout/tagout proceedures, expected potential chemical hazards, exposure symptoms, and much more.
  • All work crews are equipped with cellular communications.
  • All workers are trained in accordance to OHSA's Hazwopper 40-hour program for hazardous waste sites and sill response.
  • All supervisors are trained in hazardous waste site management and supervision. Our field services manager is a Certified Hazardous Waste Manager (CHMM) at the master level.
  • Workers are trained in first aid and CPR proceedures.
  • All workers have OSHA confined space entry training.
  • All employees are enrolled in a stringent medical survillance program.
Confined Space Entry

Why place your inexperienced staff at risk, when you can call the experts from TEC for confined space entry? Hazards present in a confined space are not easily seen, smelled, heard or felt, but can represent deadly risks.  The highly trained and safety-equipped TEC professionals can enter such workspaces to perform activities on your behalf. TEC customers are often advised to schedule a confined space entry procedure when other on-site services, such cleanup and maintenance, are being scheduled with TEC.

Mercury Removal: Spill Response Absorbents/Containment Supplies

TEC staff can provide you with kits of spill containment supplies, customized and packaged to meet your unique needs. Also, TEC maintains an inventory of common supplies and can get these materials to you in emergency. Call 800-782-4832 for assistance.

Plant Cleaning and Decontamination

TEC is experienced in plant cleaning and decontamination. In-house technical consultants assist with the proper analysis of any problems which cleaning teams may encounter. Work plans are provided, giving you details of all procedures, equipment and personnel involved in the project, along with a schedule for the completion of milestone events. All work is performed in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Teams are qualified to decontaminate structures, machinery and storage areas.

Site Characterization & Cleanup

You may have a known or potentially contaminated plot of land. TEC staff can assess your site, using the latest in technologies and methods, to identify hazardous materials in the soil and water. From here, TEC can devise a work plan to seamlessly integrate site characterization and cleanup (containment removal, segregation and disposal) in the most cost-effective manner.

Spill Containment/Site Remediation

Rapid response. Knowledgeable response. TEC is your answer when confronted with a spill containment or site remediation situation. TEC will dispatch a team of experts to secure all hazardous spills and then complete the site cleanup to the letter of the law. TEC handles everything from start to finish. You can trust TEC to handle your issues, whether big or small.

Drum Header

Tank Cleaning

Internal tank cleaning can be complicated, dirty and potentially dangerous work. TEC offers a comprehensive service for the internal cleaning of tanks, transforming them to a certified gas-free standard. This includes tanks contaminated with aviation fuels, oil-based products, acids, phenols, chemicals, agricultural products, cyanides and other hazardous substances. All TEC team members are fully trained and practice stringent safety protocols.

UST Removal

TEC has extensive experience in Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal and closure, having completed many projects involving gasoline stations and commercial properties. TEC is your turnkey source for UST removal, providing geological and engineering services, facility inspections, UST removal and disposal, soil screening, de-watering, excavation, and groundwater sampling.

analytical services

Analytical Services

Complete analytical services utilizing state certified laboratories. Accurate analysis, on-time delivery of information, and cost effectiveness are all hallmarks of lab services employed.




(Contact Berk Turner at 716-873-9703 or )

TEC chemists are always 'just one phone call away'. As a TEC customer, you enjoy direct, immediate access to TEC chemists. You never have to go through an obstacle course of people to get responses to your needs!  And rest assured that TEC chemists are experts in the field of hazardous waste management, possessing an intimate knowledge of government rules and regulations for handling and disposing of all hazardous materials. Customers of TEC have the utmost confidence in TEC's abilities to manage their waste; you should, too!

Field-Level Lab Services/Analyticals

Field-Level Lab Services/Analyticals:

(Contact Mark Hageman at 716-873-9703 or )

You may have a need to for chemists to be present at your site to characterize and profile your waste stream. TEC has experienced field lab teams to meet your needs.  Chemists and support staff arrive in fully equipped trucks to get the job done thoroughly and precisely. Please see Lab Pack Services for more details.

Generator and Facility Audits - FREE

Generator and Facility Audits - FREE:

(Contact Berk Turner at 716-873-9703 or )

When was the last time that you subjected your facility to an outside audit?  TEC's knowledgeable, experienced professionals will visit your site and conduct a "top-to-bottom" assessment, FREE OF CHARGE. Among the areas examined are notification and operational requirements, contingency plan information, shipping papers/record keeping, and a review of any other hazardous waste violations, etc.


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