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Key Personnel



CEO/Owner from 1985 to Present: Acquired company in 1985.  Expanded customer base from 19 to over 600 accounts; the company operates in 46 states from terminals in Buffalo, New York and Cincinnati, Ohio. Specializing in full waste management services and transportation.

  • Co-founder of Chemical Waste Transporters Institute (NSWMA).
  • DOT instructor for ICC seminars.
  • BS degree in Economics, Niagara University
  • Hazardous Material Management Program, Certificate, University of Minnesota
  • U.S. DOT Transportation Skills Program, Certified Train the Trainer


Joseph J. Lawhon is the President of Tonawanda Group of Companies. Joe brings with him over 25 years of business experience of which 17 years were in the trucking and safety compliance industry. He is responsible for operations, HR Administration and compliance for Tonawanda Tank Transport Service.

BARBARA RICE, Vice President of Business Development

BARBARA RICE, Vice President of Business Development

Barbara Rice is the Vice President of Business Development. Barbara brings over 28 years of sales and marketing experience, 13 years of which were in the transportation industry. Barbara is accountable for all facets of new business for the Tonawanda Group of Companies.

MICHAEL MAYER, Vice President of Administration

MICHAEL MAYER, Vice President of Administration

As Vice President of Administration, Michael Mayer is responsible for the overall coordination of Tonawanda Environmental Corp’s. revenue program. Mike has over 23 years experience in the disposal of hazardous and industrial wastes and has an extensive knowledge of both environmental regulations and waste disposal programs. Graduate of Canisius College with a BA Degree in Psychology.

MARK RUSSO, Logistics Manager

MARK RUSSO, Logistics Manager

Mark manages the logistics of all waste shipments. In the Environmental Industry since 1988, he brings a varied and extensive experience to every aspect of our core business. In his scheduling role, Mark prepares our shipping documents, schedules our deliveries, and coordinates with our clients.

JOE FERGUSON, Technical Sales

JOE FERGUSON, Technical Sales

Joe Ferguson is a Technical Sales Representative covering Eastern New York State and New England. He brings over 13 years of industrial sales and marketing experience to Tonawanda Environmental Corp.

BERKLEY TURNER, Compliance Manager

BERKLEY TURNER, Compliance Manager

Berkley Turner is a degreed chemist and has been the Compliance Manager of Tonawanda Environmental Corp. for 21 years. He has played a major role in customer and TSDF interaction, technical service and training.

MARK HAGEMAN, CHMM, Environmental Services Manager
MARK HAGEMAN, CHMM, Environmental Services Manager

Mark Hageman, CHMM is the Environmental Services Manager for Tonawanda Tank Transport Services, providing on-site technical support for special projects and lab packs. Mark is a certified hazardous materials manager, master level, with over 23 years of experience in the handling, packaging, disposal and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.


Gabrielle LaLonde, Controller

Gabrielle LaLonde is the Controller of the Tonawanda Group of Companies. Gabrielle has over 23 years of management experience in the trucking industry. Gabrielle has been with Tonawanda Tank for 8 years.

JACK WALKER, Technical Sales Representative

Jack Walker, Technical Sales Representative

Jack Walker is a Technical Sales Representative covering Western New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


TEC Advantages


TEC has close working relationships with the leading TSDF's (Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facilities) operating in the U.S. TEC understands and accesses all of today's established and emerging "TEChnologies" such as incineration, secure land burial, fixation, fuels blending, fractional distillation, aqueous treatment, bioremediation, resource recovery, and recycling. We recommend the disposal technologies most appropriate for each individual waste stream. We consider the waste profile, available technologies, cost, expedience, and environmental impact. We provide you with compliance options and their cost effectiveness.


Every TSDF used by TEC meets our rigid Facility Audit Standards. We establish a strong working knowlege of each TSDF Facilities personnel and operations. We follow up and monitor them continually to make sure they meet or exceed our internal standards. And, as a TEC customer, you will have the option of direct facility inspections and audits at your discretion. "Presumed guilty until proven innocent" is the way federal law treats waste generators and transporters if the TSDF fails. Because of TEC's primacy in transportation, we are more sensitive to this risk than waste brokers. How we protect ourselves, also protects you.


TEC receives favorable disposal pricing thanks to the large volume of waste that we manage and the professional marketing services that we provide. TSD Facilities find dealing with TEC is easy, thanks to our technical knowledge, marketing ability, and integrity. TEC has extensive knowledge of the waste disposal market and its pricing idiosyncrasies. We use a network of facilities to secure the best available prices for our customers. TEC's transportation expertise assures favorable transportation costs. TEC shares innovative and creative operational improvements in waste handling and packaging that save time and money in many situations.


Your disposal agreement with TEC is executed responsibly and reliably. This is how we care for each of our 600+ customers, regardless of size. TEC enjoys successful relationships with many Fortune 500 companies and others with high standards and complex waste management needs. TEC has complete logistical control over the transportation service we provide.


TEC customers receive professional compliance information and assistance over the phone, e-mail, or in person, without costly delays, anytime they need it. TEC provides its customers with preprinted labels, manifests, shipping documents, and the latest regulatory reviews. TEC provides you with educational tools such as drum labeling diagrams and other assistance for drum compliance, covering CFR 49 applicable regulations. TEC employs proprietary, state of the art software to track and document the waste characterization process. TEC can provide you with computerized summary reports of waste activity for each waste stream to assist you with quarterly and annual reporting requirements.


Our "Lab Pack" program is economical and environmentally sound disposal of miscellaneous chemical waste. Just show us where it is, and TEC will arrange to collect, identify, segregate, consolidate, catalog, package, label, transport, and dispose...meeting all State, Federal, and Local Regulations.


If you need remedial work done at your site, regularly or occasionally, TEC's trained, experienced staff can solve your problem....economically, and with minimal interuption of your daily duties. Many waste management companies deal only in containerized waste. Environmental engineering firms can be one dimensional in their approach to waste. TEC is multidimensional. We not only identify the problem, but also present creative and proactive approaches to remediation, transportation, and disposal. TEC employs field service experts for analytical and remediation services which follow OSHA safety guidelines and RCRA regulations. Some commonly arranged field services include:

  • storage tank cleaning
  • storage tank removal (above or below ground)
  • contaminated soil excavation and disposal
  • bioremediation
  • cleanup of spills and leaks
  • remediation of abandoned waste sites
  • pit cleanouts
  • cleaning and/or decommissioning of equipment
  • confined space entry work
  • drum characterization and consolidation

Every TSDF has its own criteria for accepting and pricing waste. Lab services through TEC limit themselves to require focused testing guidelines, based upon generator knowledge and prescreening, instead of broad and expensive generic analysis. TEC's analytical services are characterized by rapid and dependable turnaround, chain of custody documentation, and sample preservation.


TEC's small quantity generator "SQG" program is a convenient, cost-effective solution for generators who produce less than truckload (LTL) quantities of waste on a regular basis. TEC provides a custom tailored, comprehensive service to the small quantity generator who may lack the expertise and resources to properly manage thier hazardous and non-hazardous waste. TEC offers this service on an as needed basis, along with the buying power and discounts of the larger generator.


A vital link to customer satisfaction and successful waste management is the transportation factor. TEC owns every type of transport imaginable for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. This inventory includes the wide variety of over the road vehicles. We can also arrange innovative methods such as rail, barges, and helicopters when needed.


TEC keeps abreast of new disposal facilities and emerging waste treatment technologies, in response to the ever changing demands placed on our customers.

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TEC Differences

  • Over 170 Vehicles Permitted in 42 States & 3 Provinces
  • Outstanding Certified Training Programs for Your Employees
  • Customized Quarterly & Annual Shipping Reports for Each Plant Using Preferred Software
  • Proactive Service Commitment
  • Dedicated to Ensure Minimum Liability Through Expert Facility Selection
  • Affordable and Reliable Service for ALL Waste Streams
  • Expert Disposal Method Selection Services
  • Maximum Value Through Diversity, Flexibility, Adaptability & Reliability
  • Shared Commitment to Improved Waste Management Practices
  • Most Cost-Effective & Low-Risk Waste Disposal Sites/Methods Identified
  • Shared Efforts Towards Zero Landfill
  • Unlimited Recycling & Waste-to Energy Options
24-hour emergency response

24-hour Emergency Response

As a TEC customer, you are entitled to make use of TEC's 24-Hour Emergency Response hotline. The TEC response team is experienced in reacting to emergencies at facilities that use or manufacture chemicals, transportation accidents, and other catastrophic events resulting from natural or man-made disasters. TEC can also help you prepare for such emergencies.


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